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Team (Bad Intentions):
LF x1 DPS. (Moonkin preferred).
Team (Completely Reckless):
Recruiting DPS and HEALERS.
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    Founded on the 10th of October 2010, Dark Twisted Dream is an active Horde guild on the European Server of Kilrogg. We have a history as a guild that can get things done, yet remain a casual force. We've taken pride in this balance between the hardcore and the more casual player base. It's our goal to express this drive by recruiting and interacting with the best Kilrogg has to offer in terms of game play and personality.

    We focus on 10 man raiding. And we normally have two raid teams going once an expansion is going but we are looking for excellent players who can fill open spots in them. We're looking for players who can commit to the group raiding schedule, have a sense of humor, and can exhibit enough maturity to fit in.

    Feel free to fill out an application even if there isn't a current open spot listed, as we may have other spots that haven't been listed yet, or if a spot opens we may review older applications to see if someone already applied that might be a good fit. If you're interested, please click the link on the navigation bar, fill out an application, then post it in the forums. Take some time with it. If you spend 90 seconds on your app, so will we. And in 90 seconds, we can only make one decision about your future here. If this instruction is confusing, you can stop reading. We will attempt to get back to you A.S.A.P. Our current class needs are listed on the front page of our site. Keep in mind even if your class is closed, we are always looking for exceptional players. So if you are interested in DtD, feel free to apply.

    *Side note of what we expect: We expect 100% raid attendance or a message/update 24hrs prior to the GM or Raid Leader to inform us that you won't be able to make a raid. You will also be expected to have someone who is going to substitute in your place if you need to miss a raid. We have no interest in casual raiders so if you cannot devote the appropriate amount of time to raids and raid preparation then you might want to apply to some other guild. If you are not at least 18 then do not waste your time, we take raiding very seriously and expect our members to be able to attend raids without something like a C on a report card and their parents grounding them stopping them from fulfilling their responsibility to the guild. We DO make some exceptions, however.

We currently have three raid teams in our guild: Team 1: 'Bad Intentions' (Leader: Annisalotus); Team 2: 'The Muppet Gang' (Leader: Grendo); and our newest addition, Team 3: Casualties Happen (Leader: Jazzakan). If you are interested in a spot in one of our teams, please mention which one on your application to the guild and also whisper the leader of the team in game.

- Members of Dark Twisted Dream
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I was the first, you know. For me, the wheel of death has spun many times. So much time has passed. I have a lot of catching up to do..

- Teron Gorefiend
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European: Kilrogg (PvE)
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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